Mr. Manners

This is the sweetest kid I know. He's so smart and has great manners! Although he screamed and wailed while getting his haircut yesterday (he started before we walked in the door!), as soon as she turned the clippers off and I said, "All done!" he turned around and told the stylist, "Thank You." You always hear people say that motherhood is a thankless job? Well not in this house! I guess I should have expected this... as soon as he learned to clap he would clap for me when I finished changing his most "interesting" diapers. Even now he will say, "Thank you, Momma" when I am finished changing him. His voice is so sweet and sincere it makes you feel bad if you didn't give him your best. Like the day he wanted pancakes but the phone didn't stop ringing and mommy ended up serving them a little, um... "crispy." He shoved in mouthfuls mumbling "Mmmm, it's good! Thank you, Momma! Good job!" Complete with a thumbs up. Makes my heart melt to hear his little voice saying such sweet things. I love this kid! When I got my camera out today to take some pics of him with his new haircut, he was happy to sit on the little stool and tell me about what he saw out the window. He didn't sit very still but when I walked away to make him some doughnuts, he stayed at the window. A few moments later he looked over at me and asked nicely, "All done, Momma?" I didn't know he was waiting patiently for me to finish taking his picture! He's a happy kid and we are so blessed to have him in our lives.