Faithfulness of a Mother...

This is my Grandmother's wedding ring:I'm starting to swell up just enough that my rings don't fit so great. When I did this when pregnant with Jeremiah, John bought me a little silver ring from the Christian book store. I went to retreive it this morning and saw my Grandmother's ring. I knew it was a size bigger than my own so I tired it on and it fit.

I can't help but glance down at it and think of seeing it on her hands. She can't wear it now and wanted to pass it along to me. She gave it to me a couple years ago and I have cherished it and the history attached to it.

I think about her taking care of her family and her home. I think about all this ring has been through with her. My grandfather left for the service when they were married only 3 months and he was gone for three years. I have a couple of the letters and pictures they sent back and forth during this time and I am amazed at their love holding strong under the strain of the distance between them.

I see her faithfulness to her husband, her children, her family and friends. It inspires me to be faithful to those around me as well. Life can fly by so quickly, the years wait for no one. I will treasure each moment and remember to be faithful to what is true and truly important in this life.

Just for fun, here is an image I played with of my little man. He looks like he's waiting patiently for something he's been longing for. I liked the vintage feel of it...

Have a blessed day!