Morning Muffins

Jeremiah is on a muffin kick lately. He loves them! And they are so easy to make (when you buy the right bag~ LOL). The other morning we whipped up some chocolate ones and then his second fave - lemon poppyseed.

If you look closely, you can see evidence on his face that he already finger-dipped into the chocolate batter before starting on the lemon ones...

These rice spoons are great for everything!!
Love the look of concentration (and those long long eyelashes!!!!):
Just had to grab a shot from this perspective! Love the morning hair! LOL And can you believe my soon-to-be 4 year old can still sport his size 2T PJ's?!?! Ever since the diaper left us, it's all we can do to keep pants on the skinny little guy!
He did a fab job filling the baking cups, I think. Even if he made a little mess here and there.
I forgot to take "after" pics. By the time I remembered, the fam already gobbled up most of them and were too full to even pretend a pose for me! LOL

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