We stopped in Factory Card & Party Outlet yesterday to pick up some party supplies for J's 4th B-day coming up (Curious George!). Oh, all the things to tempt a little boy to touch! J was in heaven with all the colors and toys and trinkets!

As we were picking out some plates and things, he found these neat little cards (about the size of a credit card) that had dinosaur parts on them. He begged Daddy (who always gives in!) and we walked out with lots of George goodies and these cards.

You pop out the tiny pieces and put them together to make little dinosaurs. Here is Daddy trying to adjust the teeny tiny fins... They are so cute!
J waited patiently for each one to be put together...
Then he growled and roared as the dinos interacted...

Such fun! Here is a link if you are interested in some of these cards: Dino Cards

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