Math is Yummy!

At least at our house!

These shots were taken months ago (like when school was still in session! lol) but I still wanted to share. Jeremiah loved adding and subtracting with mini M&M's. Sometimes we used Nerds. Small things where I didn't feel too guilty letting him gobble up some sugary 'school supplies'!

We didn't always use candy but that definitely sparked more interest and fun when we got started! Now when he sees a little box of Nerds he asks excitedly, "Can we do math?!?!?" He got the hang of it quickly and can now do a lot in his head without counting them all out. But he still likes to count out all the goodies. He especially likes to add because he thinks the more he has the more he'll get to eat! lol He doesn't get to eat any until we are finished with math time and he's okay with that and even makes up more math problems to solve just because he's having so much fun!

I love his enthusiasm when he forgets about the candy and gets really into the learning!

He started to choose bigger numbers to add just to see the pile of little colored candies stack up!