Larger Than Life (or so he thinks!)...

Little Stinker Roo seems to think he's going on three years old. Often people will comment on how little he is but then when they find out how old he is, they are surprised he's doing all that he is. If he'd just start talking that would really throw them off, ya think?

Classic mischievious look of his...

"I'm big, Mommy... I will do it all by myself!"

"Hmmm... what can I do with this? Destroy it like everything else today?"

"I don't need help... just longer legs!"

He actually climbs this all by himself now and then slides down the big boy slide and around and around again and again. We even sometimes forget how little he's supposed to be! We probably let him do too much by himself. It's funny that we trust his abilities when he's climbing even though when we stop and think about it, we know we shouldn't trust him to do these things without us hovering over him! YIKES... we've come a long way since Jeremiah was this age!