The Many Faces Of Joshua...

The many faces have to include his stuntman faces. You know, the ones that are covered in bruises and cuts from his Evel Knievel stunts. This time I have no idea what happened. It was one of those mommy moments where I found myself in the bathroom by myself - no one followed me! I cherished it for a millisecond before I realized that with Joshua on the loose it may not be a good thing.

I was right.

Just then I hear the screaming. Not just the "brother stole my toy" scream but the "I got an ouchie" scream which Joshua hardly ever does. This kid is tough as nails, I tell ya!

I still have no idea what happened but it happened in the hall with their little wooden stool. I looked him over and got him calmed down but it was not until 5 minutes later that this showed up. How did I miss this?!

Whatever happened, he was all right with the world after just a couple minutes but Mommy felt so bad she let him have a few Jellybellies to make up for it...

"Enough with the documentary, Mom."

{Mommy Moment}

Joshua was digging around in the office and found the empty boxes of all my camera equipment and decided to build. He stopped and examined the box for my camera and then smiled real big and pointed to me as if to say "Hey, this is your other face, isn't it?" lol