Sweeney Family: Good Times

{Yes, these are from the fall and I'm just getting them on the ol' blog. You should be used to that with me by now! Now that I got that out of the way...}

Sometimes things just come together and make life much nicer. John gave me a gift certificate to get a massage for my birthday and I horded it for months before I finally decided to use it. And boy was I glad I finally did! I don't usually do such nice things for myself so this was a real treat! And let me tell you she was amazing!!! We started chatting afterward and my photography came up so she asked about Senior pics for her son. So we connected and took some shots of Steven who did a fab job! Mom loved the pics so much she scheduled a family shoot and we got to meet up again! Well, in between the massages I had to come back for! Yay!

What a great looking family, don't you think?

A couple from Steven's Sr. Shoot...

And we can't forget Macy!

And if you need to relax, a massage from Scarlett will definitely do the trick! I have had a few massages before and believe me, she is awesome!!!! You can reach her at Southern Styles here in Owensboro or give her a call at 313-3156. You will not be disappointed!

Sweeney fam... thanks so much! Lots love to you!

P.S. Scarlett, you are beautiful!