Nothing special but I decided to try to post more often. So for lack of something more interesting I'll just update you on the boys.

I took Joshua to his 2 year check up and apparently he's a super tall and super skinny kid. He's at the top of the height chart at 36.25 inches but at the bottom of the bottom of the weight chart at a whopping 24.8 pounds. My mom always says Joshua looks bigger on my blog than in real life so now you can decide for yourself!

Jeremiah was a late talker and it appears Joshua is as well. But they are so different and really have two completely different reasons. What I find odd is that I was so concerned about Jeremiah not talking that I bugged the Dr at each visit and when he finally turned 4 the Doctor showed some concern. But he turned out fine, I suppose. It appears he's half genius. His IQ showed a really low verbal score of 85 which puts him in the 16th percentile and is below average ("normal" is around 100). However, his performance IQ was 133 which puts him in the highly gifted range and the 99th percentile. His average of the two scores puts him at 110 which is in the 75th percentile and right around average. It is unusual for there to be such a huge difference between the verbal and performance scores so this tells the evaluator that he has not reached his potential for his verbal score. It's normal for one to take a test and score less than what they are but not likely to score above what they are able to acheive. Can you see my head swelling? :)

To the casual observer, Jeremiah appears to have some social issues and can possibly be seen as "behind" because of his delay in verbal skills. But if you ever get to see his brain in action, you'd understand the insanely high performance score. Now if we can just get him to work out the verbal issues and use all those brains for good and not just video games...

Wow, didn't mean to go off on that tangent. I was getting at the boys being so different but having the same late-talking "problem". Basically, the Dr was not concerned about Jeremiah until he approached 4 years old, tests taken, results showed he'd be fine. Ok, so I'm not worried about Joshua, right? Well, the Dr is now very concerned about Joshua not talking more at his age. What?!!? Apparently, it's very unusual for two kids to be such late talkers. ??? The thing is that Joshua appears to be a late talker for the usual reasons: He's a boy, loves dirt/balls/cars more than talking, he's much more physical, etc... typical reasons boys tend to talk later. But Jeremiah had different reasons. He was an observer and really studied things and spent more time figuring things out instead of wasting time talking. Both boys communicated their needs just fine but still didn't say much even when prodded (and I admit, forced) to put their needs verbally. But those tricks didn't seem to help them speed things up.

So who knows what will happen now. The Dr is ready to test Joshua at his ripe old age of 2 when she wasn't interested in Jeremiah until he was almost 4. ???

So there is some update and background on my little guys. :)

These days I'm playing catch up on a lot of things and very frustrated with some things not going as well as planned and causing other things to back up... just random frustration. :)

I'm wrapping up some lesson planning for this fall and getting excited about Jeremiah starting first grade! A busy and exciting year coming to life around here!

I have been making some changes as far as my photography business and am at a peace about where it's going in the next year (or more!).

Is that enough randomness for you? I'll try to post at least one picture next time and hopefully you'll visit again soon and not hear crickets chirping!