Jey's Big Day...

My goodness! I can't believe I totally forgot to post this! Something this big and I forgot to post it?!!?

I was really sick. Like deliriously sick. Literally. I can't remember much and probably dreamed I posted this back then! Anyway... I can't remember ever feeling this sick. Usually, moms still drag out of bed and get stuff done but with the insanely killer headache and nausea, I was good to lie still! Jeremiah was so sweet and he'd come to pray for me several times a day. He'd also come and just sit quietly at the edge of the bed. Quietly except for the occassional "Joshua! Get out of here! I am taking care of mommy!" He's so sweet, isn't he? :)

His prayers started out the usual, "Jesus, make it all better." Something said often around here for boo-boo's and such. But as the days went on, his prayers became more and more personal and purposeful. He would lay his little hands on my belly and head and pray, "Jesus, thank you God for my mommy. Please help her belly and head to feel better because we love her. Help her feel good again so she can take care of us..."

We would chat about God and how amazing He is. We talked about Jesus living in our hearts. He told me he wanted to ask Jesus to live in his heart. I was thrilled! I asked him a few questions so make sure he knew what he was talking about and he did! So we called Daddy so he could be a part of it and Jeremiah prayed with Daddy over the phone to ask Jesus into his heart.

Sunday was right around the corner and Jeremiah was really excited to get baptised. I was still pretty delirious so John took the boys to Sunday school and I did my best to look halfway presentable to show up at church just long enough to see my boy baptised. It was so wonderful! I was walking on clouds proud momma and so thankful to God for taking care of us and speaking to Jeremiah's heart.

I did take a couple pics but a friend took some video footage so I'll show that instead...