Happy Fall, Ya'll!

I teamed up with my good friend, Lindsey, and took our boys to Trunnell's Farm Market to play and get some pumpkins. The boys had so much fun! I haven't even looked at those pics yet so hopefully you'll see that outing soon. Until then...

Later that evening, I met my niece and her fiance for an Engagment Session. We raced the light all over town (seriously, ALL.OVER.TOWN) but we were fortunate to get to each location with the PERFECT yummy light we needed each time!

More to come but for now a little something fun. I snagged these cute little pumpkins on the way out the door thinking they might be fun for a fall session. It's so fun living in the Midwest (I grew up in Southern California). I LOVE all the fall colors! It makes the frozen winters and humid summers worth it!

Happy Fall!!!