Snuggly... {Owensboro, KY Newborn Photographer}

I couldn't resist posting this sweet, sweet Little Man...

Elliot was the sweetest! Just 10 days old and he started out at whopping 10lbs! I love little chunkaroos! He just smooshed into a sleepy little snuggly ball. And then he made all those cute little gurgly sighs and coos... Melt my heart! I wanted to just eat him up! He loves his mommy and really loves his daddy too! Little boys are just the bestest, don't you think?

Mom, I hope you like this little sneak peek! More coming soon!

{Mommy Moment}

Little baby boys always make me want another one. And then to give me one as cute and chubby as this? Wow, someone needs to give me ideas on how to convince hubby we need another one here!