I am pooped.

The new tile looks great!

We came home to a lot of dust and grime so we scrubbed every inch of the kithen from top to bottom (and everywhere in between), returned the dining room furniture to their places, scrubbed every nook and cranny in the bathrooms, cleaned up after the kids, cleaned up the kids, fed the kids, unpacked a bazillion bags, made a trip to the store, did 3 loads of laundry, cleaned up after the kids again, fed the kids again, cleaned up our room, cleaned the living room, opened a bunch of boxes of fun stuff I ordered last week, went to a fundraiser meeting (John), cleaned up after the kids AGAIN... all in the 4 hours since we've been home after driving 5 hours with crazy kids.

But vacation was WONDERFUL and I am so blessed!!! I have a wonderful husband and two great (albeit sometimes wild) kids. But best of all, God is so good to me!

I am really tired and would complain but all I have to do it wander into my living room and see the huge canvas I ordered of our family pic hanging above our couch. I LOVE it!!! It looks so good (even if we are in it!) and I'm just thrilled to pieces! Maybe I'll get around to taking a pic of it tomorrow.

I have a to do list a mile (or two) long for this weekend and am hitting the sack in a vain attempt to get started early in the morning.