These Days...

These days Jeremiah's attire of choice involves dress pants, a vest, a fedora and a tie (or two). Not sure how the tie(s) managed to avoid these shots but somehow they did...

Maybe he was distracted by wearing two hats?

He also dressed himself this way October 31st. We don't do Halloween* so I didn't think about it until we walked into Chick-fil-a and a worker asked what he was dressed as! He told her he was a 'crazy waiter' and that is why he was wearing two ties (clipped onto his vest because he didn't like them snug around his neck). He didn't bother to tell her he dressed himself this way every day that week. Oh, and he also happened to be wearing black sweat pants with a red stripe down the sides (his "karate pants") and blue flip flops.

Snazzy, isn't he?

* The Halloween thing... we grow up being taught not to take candy from strangers and my Bible tells me to avoid evil so just because I choose not to join in the celebration of the biggest Satanic Holiday of the year doesn't make me a bad mommy. My kids are allowed to play dress up whenever they feel like it. They get more than enough candy all year long. They get to visit their neighbors, enjoy pumpkins and all other fall related things more than one night a year. I don't feel like I'm depriving them of anything at all and I don't feel like a horrible parent for not letting my kids join in. They are happy, healthy kids who have a lot of fun every single day. If you really want to flip out, I don't tell them Santa is real. We promote honesty around here so I'd rather tell them about someone who is real and matters in our lives: I tell my kids about Jesus everyday. Not just at Christmas and Easter. And I don't tell them Christmas is about His birthday then focus our attention on presents and the threat of a red-suited guy not bringing them gifts if they are naughty. Probably more about our life than you thought you were going to get, eh? :) We have a lot of fun around here and my kids really get to enjoy life to the fullest. We are so blessed and thankful for each blessing. It makes me sad when people look at me like I abuse my children because we don't celebrate Halloween or Santa. I don't give people dirty looks when they want to join in these things, why is there a double standard? What is really important in life? We talk about how sad it is that kids can be so cruel. Why are they cruel? They are learning it from their parents. Those same parents who thought it was cute that a little girl wanted to dress up as Batman but then flamed a mom who's kid wanted to dress up as Daphne from Scooby Doo (Click here for more info on that story). Let's spend more time encouraging one another in the beauty of life, shall we?

Today, I'm thankful that we can serve God freely no matter what those around us say or think. The day is coming very soon where this will not be so in our "free" country (compare your Bible to the news, folks). I'm going to soak up as much of it as I can while I can. Then I'll soak up eternity with my Heavenly Father, not some fat guy in a suit or a witch on a broom.