This House on Thursday: Gotta Go...

We were on our way out the door to Jey's Homeschool group when it flashed through my mind that I had not taken any Thursday pics of the boys in a while and I also heard my mom nagging in the back of my mind about not seeing more of them on my blog so I grabbed the camera and made them stand there in the kitchen to take a quick pic.

This is real life here, folks. Just my kids, looking like they do every day on our way out the door. Actually, I'm having visions of the American Gothic painting running through my mind right now...


Earlier this week it was SO nice and sunny and warm and wonderful... now it's FREEZING again.


Here's a vain attempt of getting a better shot of my boys:

Mommy with her brilliant ideas: "Hug each other! Awww..."

As you can see... FAIL.

Yup. Real life, folks.