Happy Birthday, Littlest Buddy! {Joshua is Three!}

Remember this chunk of chubs?...

He turns THREE today! Although, since he did everything so early it seems like he's been this big since he was 10 months old! Happy Birthday, you little Stinker!

Joshua at three...
* LOVES anything that has to do with a ball - basketball (he has a great jump shot!), baseball, golf, tennis... LOVES it.
* Crazy about anything Toy Story, Thomas the Train, Cars - basically anything with action or wheels (although I do catch him enthralled with Dora now and then!)
* When he wants to ask what you're doing, he says "What are you doing now?" as if it's all one word and he sounds so angry when he says it although he's perfectly happy! lol
* When something is taking longer than he thinks it should, he says "Come on, come ON!" as if he's in a hurry. A habit he picked up from his brother that we're working on but it's also stinkin' cute when he does it.
* Loves to cuddle and snuggle. He still sucks his finger and his new comforting habit is playing with the skin on your elbow. Although I'm glad he's moved on from picking my fingernails, it's still kind of strange to have him randomly run up to you to play with my elbow! Sometimes he'll want to snuggle up next to you for a long time and other times, he'll wander in and ask for a drink and while he's waiting, he'll try to rub my elbow then run off like it's a perfectly normal thing to do while waiting for milk! If he gets tired while riding in the car, he'll cry out, "Mom! Hand!" which means he really wants my elbow.
* If he doesn't know your name, he'll call you "Deanie" which is John's Aunt. Even when he's playing with toy figures, he'll have them refer to each other as Deanie. She thinks it's hilarious. And it is.
* He'll come to you and hold up two fists saying "Pick one!" and when you do, he'll open up two empty hands and say "Magic!"
* He showed my mom where the games were on the computer and how to play them.

He's still my stinkeroo and I wouldn't have it any other way!