Photography Fridays...

I did this for a while and it seemed to get a decent response so maybe I'll try to start it up again.

Anyone game?

Typically, I'd just do a little post on some basics of photography. You know, stuff like how to make your snapshots a little better and how to improve your memory capturing skills. I think I might also start incorporating some other things related to the photography industry. Leave a comment of some ideas you have that you'd like to see here, K?

I get inquiries all the time from people wanting to start a photography business and they are asking advice that requires more than a quick line in a text or email. Maybe I can spread some of that out through some Photography Friday posts.

I wish I had the time to help everyone get started but it's overwhelming sometimes! I have a life outside my business. Really, I do! I homeschool my crazy little guys and I have a house to maintain as well as love my kids, hubby and my church. Oh, yeah... and that photography business tends to take up some of my time. :)

One thing that has been fresh on my mind lately...

I recently read about some "newbies" getting upset about some professional photographers "bashing" them. Actually, the "newbies" were bashing the pros! It was quite ridiculous and wasn't going to help them, it only provided evidence of why pros are getting so frustrated with "newbies." They were comparing apples with oranges and blaming pros for their problems. Like I said, ridiculous.

If you know anything about me, you would know that I offer lots of free advice. I have been blessed to get to know some amazing photographers who have taught me some very valuable things and I pay it forward and give back where I can. I meet with people and do free mini workshops and all kinds of things. Some people take advantage of this and some people just take advantage of me.

I get frustrated when I hear about "newbies" (those new to photography) whining about pros not giving them the time of day when they ask for help. It's not that they don't want to give help. Well, maybe some don't. But not all so let's grow up and not generalize, okay?

Like I said, I give a LOT of my time to helping others. What's frustrating is the lack of respect for the industry. This is the bottom line for me. This is where the rubbing starts going the wrong way and I get highly annoyed. Not all, but many people that have come to me for advice have turned around and chosen to not listen. They are unwilling to learn from someone who has been there done that. Now I know that each person has their own path to take, but there are also some steps that you would be better off not taking and you would be wise to heed precious advice! I am NOT a guru on all things photography. By ANY stretch! Trust me, I have so much more to learn as well. But there have been some pitfalls where I wish I knew better and I have learned the hard way. I've also taken wise counsel to heart and avoided some situations much worse than I could have imagined. My heart wants to see you succeed, not to fall. So why would I lead you astray?

I am not one that feels threatened by newcomers to the industry. If you want your piece of the action, go for it! More power to you, good luck, best wishes, I'll celebrate with you! Unfortunately, not all have taken my help as encouragement. I've even had one person with no experience ask for help starting her business. I asked some probing questions about how she'd handle certain situations and she had no clue. I let her know these were important aspects of being a professional photographer and she needed to know them before starting a business. She left in a huff and badmouthed me to others saying I told her she shouldn't ever start a photography business. I have no idea where she is today and I hope that if she did start a business, it is doing well and that she did learn how to handle those kinds of situations because they will come up.

Another note... I don't mind people asking for help, but you have to understand that I can't do it all for everyone! I cannot hold your hand in every decision you need to make. And when I do answer a question you have, please listen and don't come back month after month with the same question. If you are not going to listen, why waste all the time asking the same question and having me answer the same answer?

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."
- Albert Einstein

My point in all this rambling is that a poor attitude will make you an unsuccessful photographer. If you are unwilling to learn and take some criticism now and then, you will never grow. You will become stagnant. Starting out, you'll have your faithful followers, your cheerleaders - your family and friends. You will start out charging next to nothing and be only remembered as the cheap photographer. In the meantime you will ruin your business, cheapen the value of your work and bring down the industry. Please don't do this. The photography industry is an amazing thing to be a part of. If you love photography as much as you claim to, give it the respect it deserves. It's worth it, and so are you.

My desire of these posts is to help others that love photography to grow. To learn something new that will give them the skills they need to capture the moments of their lives with more meaning and purpose. If this is something you'd like to share with me, check in now and then and let's feed out passion for our love of the capture.

And since a post is not so much fun without a picture, I'll include a recent self portrait...