With Love, From Korea...

I have no idea how to express the feelings I feel when I look through these images. My heart is so full! I met the Hudson family through our homeschool group and this past school year was full of weekly updates on their adoption process.

Their acceptance to adopt.
The gender of the child they will adopt.
Their first pictures of their little man.
The final word giving them permission to bring him home.
The love that was growing between a family and a baby boy half a world away.

Christella and John, thank you so much for allowing others to be a part of this journey. Cheering for you and rejoicing with you has been a huge blessing, filling our hearts with joy and love! While your sweet bundle of boy is finally yours to keep, he is also a part of our families - those of us who were allowed to share these moments with you. Thank you!

I was thrilled when it worked out that we could meet them at the airport, bringing him home from South Korea! We waited not-so-patiently for this...

Searching for the first glimpse of the family of 5!


Waiting with anticipation and excitement!

Love this sign!

So many emotions arriving home to friends who are just as excited about today as they were!

Miss M was excited to see everyone, too!

Welcome HOME, little man!