This House on Thursday: Our New Nanny...

Her name is Dishwasher. :)

Our dishwasher died. How can replacing one tiny metal piece cost more than a new dishwasher? Really?!

We went to Lowe's (I love Lowe's!) to pick out a new one. The kids LOVED opening and closing all the dishwashers. I started to fear we were going to have to walk out with several broken ones. Actually, they weren't that bad. My kids are pretty good, I just like to make these posts more dramatic at times. It's what entertainment is all about, right? :)

The problem with looking at dishwashers at Lowe's is that the kitchen models are right next to them and WOW does that make a girl fill with lusts of the world! All those clever contraptions to make your cabinets store more of your junk smarter and easier! Bliss! And the non-slamable doors and drawers! Ahhh.... a mother-of-boys's dream come true! But my favorite was the sliding drawer thingies for the corner cabinets - genius!!!

Just so you know, the last two paragraphs have absolutely nothing to do with the images contained in this post. Resume programming...


This box (not surprising) was a HUGE hit! Big enough for the two of them, they played in and around it for hours! They even came back to it later for more entertainment! I'm thinking of replacing all the toys in their room with appliance boxes. :)

I am calling my dishwasher the Nanny because she keeps the kids safe (in a box, but I'm not one to judge), she keeps them entertained, she also washes my dishes. She's awesome!

My refrigerator apparently suffered extreme depression at the loss of our previous dishwasher and attempted suicide. Thankfully, we caught it in time and mended his heart (at least the defrost thingie) and he is now good as new and seems to be bonding with the new Nanny nicely. This is wonderful news considering the cost of a new fridge and the huge box it would come in... I may not see my children for weeks!