Um, Wow.

My kids love their Crocs. You know, the "ugliest shoe ever"? They are a bit hideous. lol But they love them. They are super easy to slip on and run out the door. Apparently, they are also very comfy. I'll take their word for it. :)

So we went to the Crocs Store and Jey couldn't find his size in the color he picked out. I was so thankful he decided on something less... uh... less NEON than his lime green ones last year. He decided on Navy. Nope, none his size. Then brown. Ew, but whatever. Nope, not his size. Then he looks up and I think he heard a hallelujah chorus when he saw it... a huge image of a cute kid wearing...


(wait for it)

LEGO crocs. What?!!? It didn't help that we JUST left the Lego Land Discovery Center in Atlanta. And low and behold, surprise of the year, they had his size. I'm sure they had every size, who wants these shoes?!?!

Jeremiah does.

They look like clown shoes to me. Wide and overly colorful. The ugliest shoes in the world just got uglier.

So, um, wow. Yeah. Here ya go...