Ran across this image from last year and it cracks me up!  Jey had the BEST tutor for CC last year with Mrs. Thomas.  She was so creative in how she taught them their memory work.  This was "Bob the Spider" who was a big part in all the anatomy lessons.  Here, Bob is showing us the five main senses...

Thumb in ear: Hearing
Pointer in eye: Sight
Middle on Nose: Smell
Ring on mouth: Taste
Tap your Pinky on your chin: Touch

She's so clever!

{Mommy Moment}

Remember that chat we had to have with Jeremiah about girlfriends? (HERE)
We had to continue the conversation the following week.  Jey is a black&white, follow-the-rules kind of guy so we simply stated that he wasn't old enough for a girlfriend and that when he was old enough, he could ask her daddy if it was okay for him to date his daughter.  He seemed okay with this.  We also told him no kissing on the ladies in the meantime!  He's SO black&white, I refrained from jokingly telling him he should as her dad before kissing her. Although it's still a tempting thought...  ;)
*trying to raise a gentleman*