This House On Thursdays: Four Year Old Science Documentation...

This cracks me up every time I look at it!

The science project was about Pollution.  The procedure was to take one drop of red food coloring and put it in a large jar with just 1/2 cup of water.  Then we slowly added more and more water and watched it dilute the red water so that the red was almost invisible.

Since Joshua's class can't read or write, his tutor used this form to help them document the science experiment...

From what I can gather...

The purpose was to show that horses fly when a female platypus eats a hamburger.

Materials consist of a Mario Bros. hand puppet, a pitcher of dark liquid, a pin, a hot dog (?), and a screaming person.

The procedure appears to be that the dropper drops some coloring onto the hat of a very happy fellow, causing a hot dog to lay down, and then the teacher in the funny hat smiles really big.

Conclusion?  If you're happy and you know it, you're a hippy pirate.

{Mommy Moment}
Joshua is in the same class as his little cousin (3rd or 4th?), Susie, and they sit right next to each other.  She is super adorable and has long, curly hair - something Joshua is not used to seeing!  His mommy told me that he is fascinated with her hair and conducts his own science experiments during class.  When Susie is not looking, he'll reach over and stick his finger in her hair and gently pull it straight only to find that when he lets go, it bounces back to curls! Apparently, he cannot figure out this phenomenon.  Stinkin' adorable!