This House on Thursday...

I  love that every morning when each boy wakes, he hunts for a parent to snuggle up with.  The other day, Jeremiah found me in my office.  He ended up on the couch and quickly fell back asleep.

Mommy Moment:
Months ago, Joshua started a conversation in the car one day...
J2: I wish I had a different face.
Mommy:  What's wrong with your face?
J2: It's just... "cute."  I want one like Jeremiah's.
Mommy: What does that even mean?
J2: You know! He's not cute.  His face is the other word.
Mommy: Um, do you mean handsome?
J2: Yes, I want a handsome face. I'm tired of being cute.

Sorry, kid.  You're still adorably cute.