This was taken at the B&B we visited earlier this week. I found these tiny pine cones on a little bush near the house. Growing up in Southern California, I didn't get to really experience the changing of seasons until I moved to Kentucky. It was kind of sad to me to see so many things die in the winter. But the promise of Spring was always inspiring! I have often thought about the evergreens and how they stand true and strong all year round, in all kinds of diversity. I long to be more faithful and true in my daily walk. Just as the plants face cold winds and the world around shivers and gives up their color and splendor, I tend to desire to give in to the trials facing me. Taking a moment to see life in the midst of death encourages me to keep going, to keep my focus on what lies ahead. I must always remember that my hope is in my eternity and where that will land me. I strive for the greatest reward - heaven.

#22 Nature