Off We Go... Maybe!

Sorry to post about my cat two days in a row! We are leaving today for a much needed getaway! We're packing up the family and the warmest clothes we have to head out for the middle of nowhere to spend a few days RELAXING! Not sure if we'll have internet access (and don't care!) so I'll post this last minute pic before we pull out of Owensboro. Couldn't help it, our kitty does this every time we get the suitcase out. She doesn't want us to go (or she wants us to pack her!) so she sits on the luggage and gives her smug glances. Poor dear will be left home again. She's happy the little wild man is leaving, she can have full reign of the house all day long but she's sad that her two biggest spoilers are leaving with him. Have a great week & we'll be back Wednesday!