Fluffy Cat

Morgan is definitely fluffy. She is now ten years old and showing her age in her weight! Morgan is still a beautiful cat, even though she's packed on a few pounds over the years (but then again, so have the rest of us!). She spends most of her day tucked away somewhere sleeping but still has her moments of "crazy cat" where she is running up & down the hall just before jumping up a door frame and clawing all the way down. Its a dreadful sound and even more dreadful sight of paint scraped off the wood frame. But it's hard to stop her when you are tucked in bed and it's two in the morning. By the time you wake up and realize what she's up to, she is off down the hall again chasing who-knows-what. But we love this crazy, fluffy cat. She is sweet and cuddly if you are John or Joanne, but mean as ever if you are anyone else! Unless you sit still on the couch in a pair of jeans, she can't resist it! She leaves Jeremiah alone and wishes he'd leave her alone. She eyes him cautiously but welcomes the treats he tries to bribe her for friendship!

#7 Fluffy