POTD - Photoshop is fun!

I'm going to try to join in the POTD again this year as much as I can. Who knows what will happen, especially with a new little one coming this summer, but I'll try!

This week's theme is Photoshop so I thought I'd show some before and after. I was playing around with a friend's lens (Bill, you're so awesome!) and was really bored on our drive to our little getaway so I tried to shoot some scenery. The shot turned out not so exciting-looking so I punched it up in PS by darkening it a bit for some drama, boosting the saturation and adding a hint of contrast. Now it's more like interesting to look at!

Here is the before image, a nice cold winter day...

And here is after, a gorgeous sunset!

Thanks for visiting!

Here is a link to the theme list if you'd like to play along: Photo Of The Day Theme List