New Addition...

Lots of things going on around here!!!

Of course the little one coming in July but also a not-so-little one coming this week! Actually, this one has been in the works for a while but the official move will be this week.

Meet Jane:

Long story shorter, she was staying with my in-laws to finish High School in the US but some health issues came up and needed a new home. We spent a lot of time praying about it and planning it all out before we finally made the decision to take Jane in. Then about a week after we started the ball rolling, we found out we were expecting! Since then we have been busy building a room in our garage and trying to get everything ready for her big move. Things took much longer than expected but it looks like this week she'll FINALLY be officially moved in! So for all of you thinking we needed a daughter, here she is. Now the baby can be whatever he/she needs to be!

(BTW: I took this pic of Jane last summer, but didn't have any recent ones of her so you get to see this one!)

Next week I'll post a poll about the baby's gender so you can vote for your prediction. We'll find out February 1st, so start thinking!

Also, the image in the last post... I did not "add" a sunset, it really was already there, I just adjusted some things (darkened, contrast, saturation) to bring out some great colors that were hidden! Thanks for all the comments!

Have a great week!