Just for fun...

Daddy loves his little boy! Many times I'll be in another room and Daddy & Jeremiah are playing somewhere in the house. Then things get quiet and not long after this, Daddy calls to me telling me to bring my camera. I can almost always guess it's the two of them snuggled up somewhere. And I was right again! Jeremiah wanted to snuggle with Daddy while watching Sesame Street this morning. Daddy LOVES moments like this! So here they are all cuddled together enjoying fine quality entertainment on Daddy's day off... Did you notice the shag hair-do on my little guy? You've probably been noticing for a few posts now! He hates to get it cut so I let it go way too long. Then before I had a chance to get it cut, we all got sick and I felt like we were tortured enough and why spread it around? So now that we are all feeling better, we drug him out to the mall to get a buzz. He was good as we waited our turn because mommy started the I Spy game. Little did we know we'd be there for what seemed like FOR-EV-ER. And since Jeremiah's latest obsession is I Spy, I'm sure he started to drive everyone else nuts. (Although I did catch some people searching for our items too! LOL)

So there we were finding all sorts of strange things and all the while Jeremiah didn't take off his hood (he knew what was going to happen!). But I did manage to wrestle him into the seat of doom and the lady buzzed off all the shag we called his hair.

After we got home, he played as usual then when after he went potty and hopped up onto the stool to wash his hands, he finally caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror and started crying hysterically, "My hair! My hair! Put it back!!!" He was grabbing at the mega short strands with big ol' crocodile tears pouring down! Poor kid. I finally convinced him he'll get more when it grows out but he was still really upset about it for a while! Once he calmed down, I laughed like crazy about his reaction! (Mean Mommy, I know...)

Here he is with his new 'do' after his evening bath loving on his "Baby Duckie" that he kept telling us "It's SO cute!" He wanted him all wrapped up in the towel and carried him around the house:

When I pulled up the pic, I noticed my reflection in his eye. See my ugly pink preggy jammies? I just love it when this 50mm lens gets the focus spot on... (Jess, this was at 2.5! LOL)
Here is a 100% crop of the same image: But I couldn't be the only one with a camera... Here he is getting ready to take some pics of me with his duck and then me with my camera...
Here is his first shot of me in my ugly jammies... (feel priviledged that I'm letting you see me like this! LOL)
And then me with the camera (his flash reflecting on mine)...

And just a random side note... My SIL bought some clothes for Jeremiah and the new baby last week... I pulled them out and Jeremiah's seemed HUGE! I mean, when did he move up to 4T?!??! Then the newborn outfits seemed so tiny in comparison! It really made things a little more real to me. My 'baby' growing up to a big boy and another little baby boy coming soon. Seeing the clothes together was so strange to me! Is this really happening?