Random Life Moments...

Sorry I've been MIA - again. We've been down with the flu this time. Oh the fun times at the Fowlers! *note the sarcasm*

So I am just going to post some random pics of what has been going on around here. A couple from before the flu arrived and a few more of us "recovering"!

Jeremiah doesn't bruise easily. He can run break-neck speed into the door knob and not miss a beat and I may never know what happened unless the babysitter spills the beans. But what happened this time? Well, I had just been telling someone how awesome my babysitter was. How great she knows Jeremiah's quirkiness and how she's not afraid to discipline a whiney little 3 year old, how sweet she is to take care of his needs...

And then I come home to this face: Did he fall? Did he jump off the bed? Did a burglar break in and Jeremiah defended with his face? Nope. He ran down the hall to greet Katie when she came over and ran right into her knee. How? I'm not sure, she's not THAT tall. But it happened and she actually had a mark on her knee to prove it (and Daddy saw the whole thing!).

But all is okay, Jeremiah paid her back by riding on her head (careful to hold onto her hair for safety) while she and some other teens put together one of his puzzles:

When we finally started feeling better, we all joined in some fun to help Jeremiah work off some energy and we could work out some frustration from being sick... again. Pool Noodles are just the best things ever! Throw in a styrofoam sword from the dollar store and we're ready to play pirates!

Jeremiah's new favorite sayings include "ARGH!" and "Shiver Me Timbers!"

Thanks for visiting!