So Much For The Warm Weather...

Over the weekend, my son and "daughters" decided it was so nice out they should go outside and play! Two decided to ride bikes, while the other enjoyed the sunshine...
Then they went for a trip around the block a few times and apparently got inspired from the neighbor to wash the car...
Well, one decided to wash the car. The boy helped and the other...
But then maybe she felt a little guilty that the others were working so hard so she got up to help finish the job. Until she found a smashed bug on the windshield, then she needed help because it was "so gross!"

But as the week went on, the temperature dropped, the wind picked up, the snow came down... We woke up to white! It looked like Dippin' Dots all over the deck. Yet another snow day for us. Time to snuggle up again!

And just for fun:

I'm sitting her typing up this post and my son is behind me playing with the little collection of pigs (long story of my hubby and me dating related to the pigs reserved for another post...).

He lays them all down telling them it's time for bed.
Then he makes a rooster sound and says "It's time to get up! Time to go to school! Time for the Birthday party!"
Then he lines them all up and tells them to say "CHEESE!"
Then he gets quiet and next I hear, "Are you picking my nose?"
"Oh, okay!"
He is still talking about the noses on the "crazy pigs"... Gotta love little boys!