Happy Birthday To Me!

What a day! Even though it was a BEAUTIFUL 70 degree day yesterday, it was SNOWING today. Whaa! Mostly rainy and windy with some snow here and there so decided the boys didn't need to get out. John ran some errands for me and brought home our fave lunch - Real Hacienda! Yummy! Then we all hung out and played all day! It was so nice but then it got better! Joshua started really walking! Here is one of the video clips:

After I got little man in bed, I checked my e-mail and stuff and found out that I'm getting a NEPHEW! Congrats to my big brother David and my super amazing Sis-In-Law, Erin! You will be great parents and I can't wait for all the boys to get together and play!

What an exciting day!

*Oh and a big thanks to my buddies who made me dinner that was most yummyful (new word, write it into your dictionary).