He Is Risen!

Christ is Risen!

OK, so I know it's not Easter anymore but you know what? I will celebrate my Risen Savior EVERY day! He's that AWESOME!!!

I knew it was going to be a jam-packed, crazy-busy day but the morning was so beautiful I had to capture something that day! I didn't know if I'd touch my camera the rest of the day and definitely didn't want to miss out on the glorious morning sun!

Nothing overly exciting, but a little sunflare action going with my lilacs...

The morning busy-ness flew by and we were just about on our way out the door when I remembered I hadn't snapped any pics of my boys in their fancy Easter clothes. And you know you have to do this before you leave the house because you never know what they'll look like 10 minutes later! So I just threw them on the couch and shot what I could.

Jeremiah loves his new 'Dancing Clothes', as he calls them ("Don't forget my necktie, Mommy!") and Joshua was so cute in his little linen preppy-ness:

Not so cooperative but they are forever caught on film, right?

But I was happy to capture this sweet little moment between the two best buddies:

Good thing I snapped those few images before church because as soon as we got home and got ready to eat dinner I had to put Joshua down for a nap and leave Jeremiah to boss Daddy around and decide what he wanted to change into next...

Yup, you guessed it.

Superman was ready for action (and an egg hunt!)...

Complete with boots and hat.


Will anyone believe that this kid has any other clothes???

Joshua decided to play football with Daddy. He started with a tackle attempt:

That failed so he dropped down to a three point stance:

Really, he is still unsure of the grass and only touches what he has to of it!

Jeremiah raced around and hunted down all 47 eggs Daddy hid in record time.

Can't wait for Joshua to get big enough to hunt with him so it doesn't look so lonely and selfish!

Jeremiah finding the very last egg:

It was a beautiful day and we are so blessed to spend time with family. We are VERY blessed to have each other. Praise the Lord!