Fruits of Summer...

Mmmmm..... I have a huge package of amazingly yummy strawberries in my fridge.
Along with the biggest raspberries you've ever laid eyes on and 2 pounds of blueberries!
It's what happens when I venture into Sam's Club!

I'm thankful for the other fruits of summer too.
The carefree feeling you get when school is out.
Even if you aren't in school! lol There's just something fun about it!
And the joy of having more sunlight each day to spend time with the family
into the night. The warm weather that allows us to go outside more
and eat lots of ice cream (although I never need a reason to do that!).

I love how it all draws back to the more important things in life
and takes our minds away from the stuff of the world.
That's what life should be about anyway, right?
Quality time with the family.
Enjoying nature and creation around you.
Happy times to remind us to be thankful for all the many
blessings we tend to forget about in dark times...

These are the best fruits from the summer!

Have a happy summer!