Me, In Action...

A photographer buddy and I decided to venture downtown to see what we could find interesting to shoot. I felt like I was in a slump out there and wasn't overy thrilled with anything I shot and that made me want to push myself to get out of it! This is a quickie post and I'll post more from this adventure another day. It was a couple months ago so I think you can wait a bit longer!

But since a post is more fun with a pic, here is me looking frumpy in a storefront window with these goofy pink bows painted on them with white polka dots too! Interesting? lol

This is months ago of me sporting my new Canon 5d (LOVE IT!)
and my new Shootsac (LOVE THIS TOO!):

I should probably get a decent shot of this bag. It's PERFECT for shoots! WHY do I keep YELLING? I dunno... I'm just excited, it's been a good day! I'll post on this soon too!