We took a few days off from the chaos of life and spent some time in 'NashVegas' just our little family of four. We had so much fun! Even though we didn't go anywhere overly exciting, the boys had a blast and we loved watching their faces all aglow from the fun. I didn't take many pics although I packed my camera everywhere. I just enjoyed spending much needed quality time with our foursome and soaked up all the smiles and giggles I could.

We did get some rest although by the end of each day we were all feeling much like this:


{Mommy Moment}
Jeremiah has come a LONG way this past week with his extreme food adversions. Within the past 7 days he's eaten a hamburger, pizza (not just the crust!) and get this.... ICE CREAM. Unbelieveable. There is hope for him yet! lol