Photography Friday: Swing Shots

Oh how I love to go up in a swing
Up in the air so blue
Oh how I think it the loveliest thing
Ever a child can do...

That childhood song always comes to mind when I see a swing!

So how do you capture a fast moving kid on a swing when the sun is setting behind the trees?
Typically this lighting condition will cause your shutter speed to slow down so it can get trickier to catch your subject in focus. Or if you don't everything in the background in focus too, you will have a small DOF and getting your subject in focus will be a little tricky then too.

So what do you do?
Get tricky yourself!

I typically plant myself where I want to capture the subject then focus
on them when they come through and wait...
wait until they swing back to that spot and shoot (and hope for the best)!

You can also try panning where you move a bit with your subject and shoot while still moving with your subject hoping your moving subject is in focus and the background has a cool motion blur. I didn't really do that here but a tiny bit by accident. If that made sense. lol

The first trick I mentioned is so easy my hubster can do it while shooting in auto. =)
(Although really it helped him that just about everything is in focus...
that helps get your subject in focus! haha!)

It was so fun to watch them swing and twirl... oh, and what are they looking at here?

...just how high up the swing went!
We had a great time visiting friends this week and enjoyed their new swing.
Isn't that awesome?! I totally want a swing like this!
{Mommy Moment}
We had a big storm come through complete with tornadoes and as the rain and wind whipped around us, Jeremiah said God needed to take care of the rain.
So he said a prayer that went like this:
"Dear God, please take care of the rain.
You are strong and have super powers.
Just like the Justice League.
You are a superhero.
In Jesus' name, Amen."