Photography Friday: The Power of the Zoom...

Sorry these Friday things were neglected!

There are pros and cons to just about everything, isn't there? Prime lenses get you a crisp sharp focus but you can't zoom (except with your feet!) and you may be in a situation where it's just not the right focal length for the space you have to shoot in.

Lenses that zoom are handy for everyday uses like capturing random moments of your kids playing at the park or times when you need a variety of focal lengths but are confined to a certain spot.

I'm actually going to talk about getting a nice blurry background. You can get a fancy lens with a wide aperture like f/2.8 or even f/1.2 and that will help but even better is a long focal length. Zooming all the way in (even if that means you step way back) will get you a much nicer bokeh in background. For example:

This is at about 70mm (note the distracting, unattractive background):

I didn't move me but I did zoom in to about 200mm and did not change any settings to shoot the exact same scene. Notice the background is much less distracting:

Just a quickie post today... have a great day & thanks for visiting!!