Mowing Men...

This image means a lot to me in a lot of ways. I love the connection between Jeremiah and his daddy. He loves it when Daddy comes home and Daddy loves to be greeted with a little five year-old's enthusiastic "DADDY'S HOME!!!" I also treasure this image because it reminds me of the joy God has given us in this little guy. He was behind socially and had many other "concerns" that lead to Autism evaluations and language evaluations... but through this year-long process of evaluation waiting lists and working to communicate to him in as many ways as a mother could learn of or think of, God worked His power to release something inside this little boy. In time he began to blossom and overcome some of the things that were holding him back in so many areas. He's like a whole different kid! The work of God never ceased to amaze me and I hope I never get so high and mighty that is does cease to do so.

So what does all that have to do with this image? A small victory in some eyes, but a grand victory for us - a working of my Heavenly Father. Jeremiah used to be so afraid of loud noises. He'd cover his ears and cower at things like blowdryers and vacuums that were across the house, behind several closed doors. The fear in his face chilled a mother's heart as she tried to console him. But over this past year he's changed and grown. Then this one sunny summer day he braved the wild beast and joined Daddy to mow the lawn. Being outside with the mower raging was answer to prayer but to actually touch and push the mower was truly awesome. God is so good to love my little Jeremiah so. *sigh*

Yes, another one from this past summer... I'm a horrible blogger, it's amazing anyone still comes in here for a peek!
I promise to try to do better. I really want to! Life just gets busy, doesn't it?