Tatt & Mark: Married...

I just love weddings. Perhaps its because I love being married. Or love the atmosphere of the ceremony. Or maybe it's just that I love LOVE.

I was blessed to second shoot for a good friend today. The sweet couple had a beautiful little ceremony surrounded by their closest friends and family and the love ran deep and wide. Congrats to the happy couple!

I love the little details...

They were so adorable coming down the aisle after the ceremony.
*sigh* So young and in love...

They couldn't stop smiling! But then again, no one could stop smiling!
Their joy was so contagious!

I'm telling you, all my brides are gorgeous! Am I just so lucky or do I have a magic camera?

Tatt was no exception to this:

As they mingled with guests shortly after the ceremony, I caught this little moment. Even though they were surrounded by many others, it was as if it were just the two of them.

*sigh* Love.

{Love Jess's Sapphire Dreams action on that shot!}

And they'll LOVE happily ever after!