Joshua has started giving kisses and makes the funniest "kiss" sound.
It's so stinkin' cute. I am still trying to get him on video doing it but every time I get the video camera out, Jeremiah starts acting like a nut and Joshua doesn't do anything on command for me. Oh well.

Since a post isn't much fun without a pic, here is one I found from Thanksgiving of me being goofy. I was shooting pics of my niece and her fiance and as the shoot went on I ended up wearing her scarf and her glasses (to hold them when she didn't want them in the pic). She took this shot of me being silly. I don't like being on this end of the camera, I always feel like I look like a dork so I just act like one so I have an excuse! Here I am in all that dorky goodness sporting my Shootsac (Love my Shootsac!)...