Hop To It!

It's going to be a super busy week!

We had so much fun last week in the mountains that I think I got online for a whopping 5 minutes and couldn't bring myself back with the gorgeous view just a few steps away. I appologize for the lack of posting and hope to get back to it as I have a ton of things to blog! However, after our much needed time away we will hit the ground running this morning and who knows when we'll get another break. Lots of stuff going on and I'm happy that most of it is going to be fun fun FUN! The weather is wonderful here and that makes me even more excited about all the shoots lined up. So be on the lookout this month for a variety of sessions: Seniors, Engagement, Families, Babies and a wedding! April is busy busy busy! I'm cramming a lot in around the usual home life (aka Monkey exhibit) and Jey's school time. Then there is the gorgeousness outside that is keeping it really hard to stay inside!

Happy Spring!