Incremental Compromise...

I really dislike politics. Not because of all the bashing or debating... no, I dislike it simply because it bores me. I don't even like to watch new news and it boggles my mind those people who watch CNN or FOX News ALL.DAY.LONG. Really?

However it's getting harder and harder to ignore the happenings in our world today. Kinda freaks you out if you are really paying attention. Unfortunately, I think people don't look at the bottom line or the future honestly but are distracted by our own selfishness. All in the name of 'tolerance'.
(I wish they'd use that word correctly...)

Anyway, I've been reading this little book and it's quite interesting. Hitler won the people over with incremental compromise and it's working for our leaders today. Pay attention and guard your homes and country! America is a great country and it's a shame to let it waste away to trashiness.

Ok, enough from my little soapbox. :)