The Next Food Network Star...

I don't watch much TV but when I do, it's usually something on Food Network. I'm not a great chef or anything, I just like learning new things and seeing different kinds of foods. I like lots of different kinds of food and if I see something that sounds unusual on a menu I am very likely to try it! BUT the boys in this house are plain old meat and potatoes. More like Bacon and Fries. No creativity appreciated at meal times. Boo!

So it really cracks me up that Jeremiah wanted to do this video. He didn't want to eat what was on his plate (he is THE pickiest eater I know) and after chopping it up into teeny tiny pieces he decided he needed his own show on Food Network. I got tickled and as soon as we finished eating we got the camera out to record his debut. (Maybe we can use it for his audition for the next Food Network Star???)

Don't mind the messy kitchen in the background, we had not even cleaned up after dinner yet. And I didn't splice the videos together so you get a commercial break in between the three clips. I had to stop the camera the first time because of an accident on the set (and it cuts off right at the funniest expression of the one who caused the accident!). Then the next cut is when we had to stop and blow on the food so he could eat it. lol

Oh, and he originally told me his show would be called "Cooking with Chef Jeremiah and his glubs!" (gloves. Which he really meant oven mitts. When I told him that is what they are called, he said "oh yeah, ubben mints.")

If you know my kid, you will appreciate this. Mr. Picky fixes a nasty dish and tastes it like a real trooper. If you don't know my kid, you'll enjoy his dramatic ways. Either way, this is hilarious!!!

Without further ado... I bring you cooking with Chef Jeremiah!