Hardin Family {Owensboro, KY Family Photographer}

We watched nervously all afternoon at the grey clouds forming above, wondering if we'd have to reschedule our session (again). But the weatherman assured me that it would not rain so we cheered and met up at the beautiful Hardin home to capture some memories. With the overcast skies, the light was fading quickly so we moved fast. But mostly we moved fast because we were chasing kids all over the yard! It was so much fun and reminded me why I love this job!

Amy & Chad, thank you so much for inviting me to your home once again to spend time catching up and playing with your kids. They are so fun! Next time I'll stop asking silly questions and let them finish dinner. But it's not easy when they say the cutest things! (Especially Little Miss with her "Gsykarisuskfamcheefigamu..." - love it!).

Okay, okay... on to the pics!

So not fair to have so many good looking people in one family, right? I mean, really, just look at these gorgeous kids:

And this cool guy here?

He's a is a nut... and I love it!

Aren't boys the best?
(Maybe I'm partial since I have two...)

And the other one? Pure sugar, I'm positive.

I'm thinking that would be great blown up on a canvas to put on my wall. But that might be a little odd since she's not mine. Maybe.

Actually, I don't know what I'd do with a little girl but I almost tucked her into my camera bag to go home with me.

Seriously, just look at her:

As perfect as these two kids are, they are still silly! My favorite kind!

Another beautiful family:

I have the best looking clients, don't I? I'm so lucky to do what I do!