Haircut Day...

As you can see...

Jeremiah LOVES haircuts!

{Note Sarcasm}

He does SO much better these days but still gets mad when he gets hair in his face (see his nose?) or he thinks I cut it too short... It's always drama with that kid!
Emotional drama, that is.

The other kid? He's action-packed drama. I was just buzzing along on Jeremiah's head because Joshua got a haircut a couple weeks before and didn't really need one yet. He usually doesn't fuss at me too much. Unless Jeremiah goes first then he thinks he has to whine and cry too. Crazy kid.

Oh, back to me buzzing along on Jey's head... Joshua is running around playing cars and such then suddenly I hear a familiar sound...


*GASP!* I whirled around and, yes, Joshua did cut his hair. How?! It's not like he had much to work with! But that is Joshua for you. If there is a way to be destructive, he'll find it. And enjoy it way too much.

I took the scissors away. Told Jeremiah to hold still. Fussed at Joshua. Told Jeremiah to stop crying about wearing the cape. Looked at Joshua's barber shop artwork. Laughed like a crazy woman. Why would I be surprised?!?!

So, like a good mommy, I finished up Jeremiah then grabbed my camera to capture this moment. Joshua kept running away and that is when I stopped to get a pic of Jeremiah who was still crying about his haircut instead of taking a bath like he was told (see picture above). He just wanted to tell me that I cut it too short. Which I did agree, but what could I do at that point? And is it really worth crying about? No, he was actually just crying because he didn't get his way and had to get a haircut. Drama, Drama, Drama...

Anyway, I finally snagged a pic of Joshua's damage...
(look at the devilish grin, the little stinker!)

I was too busy laughing and shaking my head that I didn't look too closely and hastely decided to cut the rest of his hair shorter to hopefully even it out some. Looking back, that thought doesn't even make sense to me! I guess I was just caught up in the humor of the situation. After buzzing his head, I saw that he somehow cut it so close in that one fell swoop snip that he actually shaved a small sliver of his head. The angle of the scissors gave a nice, neat, clean-cut hole to his scalp.

Here he is after his latest buzzing...
(notice the angry eyebrows!)

I cannot help but giggle each time he runs past and I catch a glimpse of that bald spot he is now so oblivious about. It was a naughty thing to do. And I'm definitely not happy about it. And he did get disciplined for it. And so did mommy for leaving the scissors out. And it's still funny to me because it's just SO Joshua to do that and that is what makes me laugh. Well, laugh and groan at the same time. I see a lot of groundings in his future, don't you?