Merry Christmas

Many warm Christmas blessings to you and yours!

We are not fancy folks but I did put a few touches around the house to brighten up our home and keep the Christmas spirit around. In addition to our nativity, tree and stockings I added a few of these around the house...

I saw this great idea for a Thankful Tree and decided we needed one here! I put this together then decided it was too big! So it will sit by our little pew where you will see it every time you walk into the kitchen, the living room, or the hallway. :)

Hanging from the tree are little cards that say "I am thankful..." and written under that are things we are thankful for. I hope to start this around Thanksgiving each year from now on and everyone who visits will add theirs too. Then we'll put the cards in an envelope marked for that year to be read with joy in the years to come. We don't have many traditions and I really wanted to start some for our family, whether they like it or not. lol

It also reminds me that Jeremiah needs to work more on his spelling this year...