This House on Thursday...

I'm really getting tired of the snow. This So Cal gal is ready for some warm sunshine! I've enjoyed taking some pics of snow but am over that. I still have tons to go through but am tired of being in the house trying to stay warm from COLD outside! Ok, rant over. On to the pics! :)

These are from a month ago? One day when I was more than happy to play out in the snow with Jeremiah! He was a trooper and we had a big snowball fight. I tried to get him to taste the snow but he was not at all interested. I talked him into a "ThankYou/NoThankYou Bite" and he did but then replied politely, "No thank you." How can fresh falling snow taste bad? It doesn't even taste! And can you even feel it? That's my strange kid for ya. :)

Too many pics and I wasn't in the mood to go through and try to pick out a few to blog so I decided on a slideshow so you can skim the lot more quickly and hopefully it won't bore you to tears. Enjoy!