I really wanted to post some pictures today and got THISCLOSE to doing so but ran out of steam in the home stretch. It's been a busy week and I did take some pics, promise! I have a boatload to post but can't keep my eyes open any longer! So stay tuned for some Valentine's Cookie stuff. The boys had so much fun!

{Mommy Moment}
(not for the queasy)

TO MY MOM: 여호수아가 변기에 똥 쌌어!

For those of you who cannot read Korean and are nosey to know what was said:

Joshua pooped on the potty! I might be more excited because he hasn't had a bowel movement since SUNDAY.

The stink: I was making cookies and he ran into the kitchen and hid under the table. He has never hid before but I knew what he was up to! (By the way, WHY do they hide???) I drug him out kicking and screaming (literally) and plunked him onto the potty seat. He cried to go back under the table so I told him he could hide under me and I made myself into a tent. ('Cause I'm huge like that.) If he persisted, my next step was to shove him and the potty both under the table. Luckily, he went and we didn't have to create the makeshift restroom. We cheered, high-fives were made between the menfolk and he was so proud. *whew* He's been doing so good! Much better than I expected. To be honest, I DREADED this. Not really sure why. Maybe it's the nasty messes I knew I'd get to clean up. Fun.