Dani & Brad: Engaged! {Owensboro, KY Wedding Photographer}

They met in High School but it wasn't love at first sight. Sure, she was cute and he was nice but things didn't click right away. Sometimes love comes softly, doesn't it? The little chats here and there eventually became the conversations that went on into the night and seemed to have no end. Their every moments were spent together and this only drew them closer.

Fast forward to now...

Danielle recently graduated with her Bachelor's in Nursing and two weeks later she'll receive another reward for her patience... She will marry the man of her dreams who swept her off her feet and carries her through the difficult times.

I was blessed to be asked to capture their love in their engagement session as well as their wedding coming up but most of all, I am blessed to be her aunt and to welcome Brad into the family.

Love you guys!!!

Last fall got away from me and before I knew it, I had several sessions that had not made it to the blog. I know, shame on me. Felt and accepted.

These were taken last fall when the sun was shining gold, the colors around us were warm, and the hearts of these two even warmer.

Brad & Danielle, I am honored to be a part of your special day. I've been looking forward to these moments for years! You two are so special to us and you always will be. Set high goals. Work hard. Keep your integrity. Dream big dreams. Pursue with passion. Enjoy every moment.

Here are just a few from their session. Be sure to check out the video for more from the session - it was amazing!!!

These two are so fun! I can't wait for the wedding this weekend!!!

Dani, you are STUNNING...

Click ----> HERE <---- to check out the video! I promise you'll love it!